A Poster and Newspaper Ad for a Play

A poster and ad I created for a theatre production. The play takes place around the dinner table of a wealthy family, back when the art-deco style reigned, so I kept that spirit of the play with Broadway and nouveau styles of typeface and figures.

The poster was to be displayed on bulletin boards around town, so I made the design a striking high-contrast white-on-black-background, which visually popped right out from the many other bits of paper and printing that always crowd local bulletin boards.

The design also worked well as a newspaper ad, starkly standing out from a page of small, bland, easily ignored print.

Newspaper ads. Magazine ads. Posters. My custom-designed creations will make your important event, offer, opportunity, or information stand out from the crowd of bland, ineffective classified ads.

I listen closely to you, to hear what you need in your advertising. I can custom-design any type style you like, and add whatever images will make an otherwise drowsy browser say, Wow! I can work closely with you, to help you set clever priorities, so readers and viewers are more certain to get your most important information first. If you like, I can also help you choose just the right words to give your ad real punch and impact.

My years of experience as a typesetter and copyeditor at a newspaper tell me what will work as a printed ad -- what will really grab a reader's attention and hold it long enough to convey your important offer, opportunity, or information.

All images are available as prints and on CDs in .jpg format -- so they will immediately work on any computer, Mac or PC -- or in high-resolution .tif format, which is often preferred by publishers and printers.

Massage Therapy Sign

A sign I created for a massage therapist. Many hotels offer massage therapy as a service for their guests. This sign could be displayed in any of the hotels this therapist works in. Displaying the sign in the hotel lets the hotel guest know that this therapist is certified, professional, highly trained, and safe. The sign is colorful, to gain the attention of anyone passing by, and also pleasant, to put the guest in mind that massage could be a nice escape from their busy day or dreary evening. I used some simple calligraphy to create the word Massage, and some delicate watercolors of flowers to accent the word with images universally understood to mean beauty and relaxation. To convey more practical information, the type on the sign has different cognitive layers and levels -- by color, size, and font-style -- so interested customers can have all the information they need, as they need it, without being overwhelmed.

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