Stallion, After Stubbs, a pastel

Stallion, After Stubbs

(below, highlighted detail of horse image)

Stallion, highlighted horse detail


Equine Art

Soft pastels on white Canson 50-pound acid-free paper

February 2007

Dimensions, image and paper: 8-1/4 inches (21.2 cm) high by 10-7/8 inches (27.5 cm) wide

You can almost feel the power and freedom of this magnificent creature in this exciting pastel painting, developed from the 1762 George Stubbs oil portrait of the stallion Whistlejacket, created as he was preparing his famous 1766 book of plates, The Anatomy of the Horse.

Spirit of the Wind, a drawing

Spirit of the Wind

(below, highlighted detail of horse image)

Spirit of the Wind, highlighted horse detail


Equine Art

H, HB, and B pencils on white Canson 50-pound (74-gsm) acid-free paper

February 2010

Dimensions, image and paper: about 7 inches (about 17 cm) high by 9 inches (22.9 cm) wide

Delicate pencil work on pure white paper lends a whispery, silvery quality to this drawing, while the dynamic pose of the subject captures the locomotive power of a magnificent horse on the move. It's almost as if the horse is bursting forth from a mysterious mist.

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