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Our Purpose: To promote the art and artists of figure drawing, sharing insights, information, and especially compliments and support, as well as swapping and trading website links and banners.

L E A G U E   A R T I S T S

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The Figure-Drawing League

Who may join: Membership in the Figure-Drawing League is potentially open to anyone, novice or experienced, amateur or professional, who draws or paints the human figure in any two-dimensional medium (except photography), in any style.
How it works: I will visit your website and choose a cross-section of your figure art. (Of course, the art must be original, not a copy of anyone's art without their permission.) I'll link them into this website page so they appear automatically, along with your name and website address. (If you don't have your own website but would like to join us anyway, you'd be very welcome -- email me and we can probably work out some simple solution.)
Our mutual benefit: We all informally agree to list, fairly prominently, on our own websites, a link to the Figure-Drawing League here -- or even better -- our fellow members' website addresses and information. (Having more links makes search engines more likely to pick up your own website.) If we all help and promote and support each other, much like the old drawing leagues of a hundred years ago, we can all prosper.
Scott Kirkman
Figure-Drawing League

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