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A Guide for Cutting Cake Layers Perfectly and Effortlessly

Patent pending. Order this fantastic cake-cutting guide for yourself, directly from the inventor! Contact M. Finizio, Camillus NY 13031-1313.

Do you have an exciting new idea you'd like to see on paper -- quickly and inexpensively?

Are you an inventor with a great new product or process?

Are you a property owner who needs a simple but complete drawing of your dream garden or new addition to show prospective contractors and architects?

Are you a commercial-property developer who just needs to see -- all at once, at a glance -- your grounds-and-buildings dream?

Are you a web developer who wants an accurate, comprehensive flow-chart schematic of a new website?

Are you a computer technician setting up a new, complicated network that your users may find difficult to navigate without an easy-to-understand guide-map?

  • Patent-search preliminary sketches -- absolute confidentiality and no hidden charges or percentages -- your invention remains yours! Period.
  • Investor-briefing porfolios
  • Business-meeting transparencies
  • Work-flow procedure charts
  • Website flow-charts
  • Computer-network wiring schematic
  • No job is too big or too small. Speed and courtesy and reasonable prices to fit any budget. Images can be printed on paper or on sturdier material if you like. As well, you can also receive the images on CDs in .jpg format -- so they will immediately work on any computer, Mac or PC -- or in high-resolution .tif format, which is often preferred by printers.

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